by Kiddo Marink

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Written and recorded mostly with ralph hiding in the ceiling listening to me and judging me.


released September 15, 2012




Kiddo Marink Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If called by a panther, don't anther.

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Track Name: Bortdy
One day your face will appear inside a great museum
filled with coat of arms
and a space to pay admission if you so choose

"I came from Arkansas to see this place"
"I flew all the way from Fiji just to get myself a taste"
Despite all the obstacles that stand in their way, they'll come to say
that they were in the place
of grace and majesty
with pictures of your face

One group of men travelled hundreds of miles to see them
flew from Cozumel

If it's all just a getaway
and you haven't made plans to stay
and your baggage is light and small
so that you can explore it all
didn't anyone tell you why
all the things that you have to try
come with taglines and hefty fees
and no value that I can see
Track Name: Mastaduck
mother can I hold the baby
people been saying things lately

trust in me now
god will save her

speak to me now
he shall answer

and sleep

trust in me my child and go to sleep
and the lord will bless and he will keep
Track Name: Chippy Hacky
The squirrels

they been spending a lot of time just getting by
with never a care unless there's rain outside
and when reserves are running dry
well they send me out to fetch supplies

sometimes the sound of night is all I need
to prevent me from falling asleep
their incessant chatter wakes me from a pleasant dream

The squirrels

they got a lot of nerve to act so self-assured
they've recently cut their ties with the mockingbird
if there's ever a way to take what they don't earn
well it was never enough
Track Name: Vrahvree
In a way, I could say
the stars that light the night are not the same
as when we tried to sleep
our bodies lay beneath a tarp that leaked a river

when the rain poured in
I could not remain
took a walk outside to see what I could see
all the lights and sound could not strip this from me

cause sometimes when I think about it everything just falls right into place
and even when you're not around I still can't help but see your smiling face

now I can't help but wonder if you'll still be around when I get back or were you even there at all
it's times like these I wonder if the shit you say in summer will last until the fall

but don't worry 'bout me